Toasty Kicks - Cognac

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  • Chrome Free
  • Recycled Elements
  • Free from PTFE & PFC
  • Upcycled Elements
  • Vegetable Tanned

Toasty Kicks (normal fit)

A cute beginner TEX Winter Boot with a 100% natural wool lining, keeping little feet warm and dry during the coldest months. This shoe has a firm support and the perfect fit for normal sized feet. The sporty rubber sole made of lightweight recycled TR rubber, is intended to provide the best possible support for the child’s first steps. The soles on the smaller sizes are especially designed to be softer and more flexible than the larger sizes. One velcro strap ensure easy closure even for the tiniest hands. These are made to be the child’s first walking shoes but are also popular with the older children.

Sustainability: The TEX Membrane is 100% recyclable and is free from two chemicals; PTFE & PFC. PTFE is claimed to be a cause of birth defects. PFC has been proved to be associated with developmental delays in the fetus and child, including possible changes in growth, learning, behavior and decreased fertility.

All shoes are hand-made in 100% ecological, 100% vegetable tanned, 100% biodegradable and 100% chrome-free leathers.

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Use our easy 1-2-3 step model to find your optimal size. Always use our size helper on each style as inner measurements vary from style to style.

1. Place a piece of paper on the floor up against a wall. Then place your child’s foot on the paper, so the heel touches the wall. Your child must be standing upright.

2. Mark with a pencil at the tip of the toe. Repeat with the other foot. Measure the length on your paper and use measurement according to the longest foot.

3. Insert your size in mm or inches with 3 digits into the size helper. Select the recommended and optimal size.

[123 : 4.85 : 110-116 : 4.31-4.57 : 20] + [130 : 5.12 : 117-122 : 4.58-4.83 : 21] + [137 : 5.39 : 123-129 : 4.84-5.10 : 22] + [144 : 5.67 : 130-136 : 5.11-5.37 : 23] + [151 : 5.94 : 137-143 : 5.38-5.65 : 24] + [158 : 6.22 : 144-149 : 5.66-5.89 : 25] + [164 : 6.46 : 150-156 : 5.90-6.16 : 26] + [171 : 6.73 : 157-163 : 6.17-6.44 : 27] + [178 : 7.01 : 164-169 : 6.45-6.67 : 28]
Toasty Kicks - Cognac


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